Creative Capital Human Resources

We understand that people are the most valuable asset to any business.

Which is why we strive to help employers recruit and retain diverse talent, train and develop leaders to understand the importance of diversity and inclusion, and improve employer branding and public perception as relates to the employer’s inclusivity of diverse talent groups.

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Diversity and Inclusion Strategies, Initiatives & Execution.

We work with you to devise a compelling D&I strategy and to execute on it in areas such as the recruitment, professional development and retention of diverse talent.

Equal Employment & Affirmative Action Compliance.

We help you meet your obligations regarding the recruitment, selection and advancement of diverse talent, including disabled individuals, women, racial minorities and veterans.

Human Resources Project Management & Daily Management.

From day-to-day human resources related tasks to more complex projects, we focus on taking care of your people so you can focus on taking care of your business.

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the founder


Creative Capital Human Resources (cc: HR) founder Evelyn Gentry is a former Labor & Employment attorney and Senior Human Resources Generalist who understands the value of diversity and inclusion from the legal, business and individual experience standpoint.

Through Creative Capital Human Resources (cc: HR), Evelyn counsels clients ranging from startups to more established companies on the common, most valuable asset to any business: people.

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